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We are a Sports Management Company who pledge the highest ethical standards of representation to our clients.

We work with athletes not just for their ability, but for their character.


Who We Are


For decades the sports management industry has had its reputation tarnished by unscrupulous agents squeezing pennies out of impressionable young athletes. Talented men and women, whose sole focus has been rising to the top of their chosen profession, have become targets for individuals who see them only as bankable currency.


Headfox Sports began life in 2016, founded by a professional athlete who has seen first hand the damaging effect that mercenary agents can have on a sporting career.


Tom ‘Kong' Watson is a British mixed martial artist who has fought, and won, many times on the international stage. One of the few elite fighters from the UK to be awarded a contract in America’s UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship), itself a global phenomenon boasting a fanbase of over 300 million.


During his career, Tom witnessed countless examples of indecent management; agents and intermediaries staking claim to performance related bonuses that their clients have bled for. Headfox was formed as an antidote to this problem.

Our Services

Through our extensive experience in top level professional sport and profile development, we are proud to offer a full suite of marketing, lifestyle and financial services.

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